Behind The Scenes My Business With Baby

In the grand tapestry of life, there’s one undeniable truth: you don’t know what you don’t know. This became my mantra as I embarked on the rollercoaster ride of parenthood, particularly the journey of having a baby and trying to run a business.

Before the arrival of my son, I had a vision. I imagined him quietly playing by my side while I efficiently managed my business. I saw myself effortlessly creating a new website, writing engaging blog posts, and scheduling social media content. During his naps, I envisioned recording podcasts, crafting course material, and tackling tasks that required a bit more mental prowess.

Oh, the laughter that fills my heart now when I reflect on those innocent fantasies! Some days, I do try to work on my laptop from the comfort of the couch, but the moment my son spots those keyboard buttons, he’s eager to lend a hand. Yes, there are moments when I retreat to my office during naptime to answer emails, write a blog post, or edit a video. But more often than not, naptime becomes a precious interlude of solitude, a chance to decompress from the morning’s adventures at playgroup or amidst the clatter of boisterous toys… and watch TikToks.

So, what does the landscape of business look like in this season of life? It’s far from perfect; in fact, it’s beautifully messy. Yet, I cherish the privilege of being able to embrace this mess, for it’s a reminder of all those cycles of IVF, failures and tears.

So, let me pull back the curtain and share a glimpse of the backstage of my business in these whirlwind days. It’s a testament to the beauty that can be found amidst the chaos.

The Ever-Changing Landscape

Business, as it once was, has undergone a transformation. In this chapter of life, it looks nothing like it used to. My original plans to open up space for new coaching clients this year had to be put on hold. I had hoped to enrol my son in daycare, but the reality turned out differently. He spent more time at home, battling sickness. After two months, I made the difficult decision to pull him out. The search for a local family daycare with available spots is still ongoing.

For now, my business finds its rhythm primarily on Sundays. It’s a day when my husband takes on the role of the primary parent, allowing me to retreat to my office. I can hear their laughter drifting in from the other room as I sit with the window open, typing away, creating content for the week ahead. I’m also fortunate to have an incredible mother-in-law who lends a hand every Wednesday for half a day.

A Day and a Half to Work Wonders

With approximately a day and a half each week, plus scattered moments throughout, you might wonder how I manage to accomplish anything. Well, it’s all about strategy.

Scheduling: My schedule is a compass guided by my menstrual cycle. Postpartum, this concept seemed distant, but as my hormones gradually found their equilibrium, I returned to working within my cycle. The phases of my cycle dictate my focus: creation during the follicular stage, communication during ovulation, power tasks during the luteal stage, and reflection during menstruation.

Batching: This strategy is a game-changer. Batching similar tasks together not only saves time but also helps maintain focus. The mental switch between different types of work can be exhausting, especially when sleep-deprived or overstimulated.

AI Assistance: Artificial intelligence has become a trusted ally in my journey. While I used to have all my content edited after writing, the changes in my business and the volume of content creation necessitated a shift. These days, AI lends a hand with content ideas, planning, and editing. It feels like having a supportive partner to polish my work.

Seeking Help: One of the most crucial steps in my journey has been accepting that I can’t do it all alone. Seeking assistance has lightened my load and reduced stress. From getting groceries delivered to finding help with household chores, it’s about prioritising and simplifying.

Letting Go: Perhaps the most challenging but liberating lesson has been letting go of the need to micromanage every detail. Recognising that doing it all isn’t productive or sustainable has allowed me to focus on what truly matters. This season of life isn’t about perfection; it’s about cherishing the giggles, the sloppy kisses, and the cuddles of my tiny toddler that will too soon be a distant memory.

In the end, the behind-the-scenes of my business is a dynamic blend of organisation, automation, collaboration, and self-awareness. These strategies have not only boosted productivity but also allowed me to strike a balance between my roles as a business owner and a mother just trying to enjoy this moment of life.


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