Embracing the Journey: Coming Back To Business Strong From Maternity Leave

The journey of motherhood is a remarkable chapter in life, it has been a time filled with boundless love and joy (and a lot of sleepless nights!). As I start to return to business after the birth of my beautiful Toby it has been feeling both exhilarating and daunting, I’m not the same person I once was. The passion that I felt for my business is still there, but it’s also somewhere else. It’s natural to have mixed emotions and concerns about balancing the professional responsibilities with the demands of motherhood, it’s why I’ve taken the first part of 2023 to move slowly into this new stage of life.

By Preparing for the Transition

As the beautiful season of maternity leave has started to come to a close, it’s been essential to embrace the steps to preparation. Reconnecting with my business because while I took “12 months leave” I was out of business far longer due to my hyperemesis gravidarum, and therefore have needed to reconnect with my business, my why and my how. I know stepping into this new business rhythm it’s an evolving playing field. It’s also time to assess any changes or updates that have occurred during my absence, when I went on leave interest rates were low, it’s a very different environment now and as such I need to be mindful of that.

Then it was time to build the foundations because while Toby has become the center of my world, it’s crucial to establish a support system that will ensure peace of mind. Starting the process of finding a reliable childcare option took 6 months, so if you are looking into this now know it can take a long time to find the right place. By securing a nurturing environment for my little one, I can focus on my business commitments, knowing my baby is in good hands.

Then By Creating a Realistic Schedule:

As the CEO in my business, a loving mother and wife, time management and setting realistic expectations are going to be key. I know I can’t get done in a week what I used to, embracing the power of systemisation, automation, and delegation is vital to moving forward with my business goals while ensuring I have ample time for mothering and just as importantly Lauren’ing! I’ve set out the next 12 months of plans in my project management system (I’ll share more of this soon), aiming for achievable goals and establishing a schedule that blends the demands of business and personal life.

Being flexible in work arrangements is a must, while I’m only officially back off leave this week I’ve had Toby in daycare for about a month. Well actually he has gone 3.5 times in that month because within the first week he got a “cold” the whole house was sick for 2 weeks, and he ended up in hospital. Knowing I have flexibility in how I’m working in business these days takes the stress out of when plans are turned upside down and allows for the all important cuddles on the couch when little one is sick and just wants mamma.

Seeking Support:

While motherhood can be a lonely time it’s important to remember, you are not alone on this journey. Opening up to my friends and family and asking for guidance, cultivating a support network of like-minded individuals who have offered priceless advice and unwavering encouragement is the foundation of my support system.

Then by unleashing the power of the online business marketplace, I’ve already started to work on onboarding new team members for those spaces where people have moved on from my team. Starting to outsource tasks piece by piece so as to not overwhelm me with too many things to get done on work days or during nap time. Then my favourite is automating my workload, and this isn’t just in business, setting up recurring subscriptions for things in the house like nappy and toilet paper deliveries allows for more space in my brain. 

And Just As Important – Embracing Self-Care:

In the whirlwind of juggling work and motherhood, do not forget to care for yourself. Prioritising self-care activities that nurture both my physical, emotional, and mental well-being are enabling me to feel stronger and ready to engage. I’ve started regular exercise through daily walks and yoga sessions, instilling the practice of mindfulness during moments of chaos (hello almost toddler!) and then indulge in hobbies that bring me joy, I’m working towards finishing our home off from the renovations we’ve done, I’m ready for it to be a home filled with love and laughter, not just a pretty house.

As I’m embarking on this transformative journey, I’ve learned to be patient with myself. It’s time to celebrate every small victory, like launching my revamped website, and sleeping through the night! And I’m practicing self-compassion when faced with challenges, this season of life isn’t the stage for huge goals and launches, small steps make a big impact when (semi)consistent.. 


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